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26231873_324934121353774_5087981433465150801_oI’m Alanah, and although I studied creative writing at uni, I didn’t write anything that wasn’t for an assignment until halfway through 2017. I guess that’s what happens when you are studying, working and raising tiny humans!

Anyway, in the middle of 2017, my colleague (Peter Larsen) and I began writing 100 word stories for a website called Nibble Reads. This was the first time I realised that anybody actually liked my writing.

Around the same time, I discovered a 50 word flash fiction competition by Avid Readers and decided to enter. Imagine my surprise when I won! You can check out the “very clever and thought-provoking piece of writing” (Thanks Avid Readers!) here.

Since then, I’ve won three competitions and been shortlisted for six more. Through one of these competitions, I was contacted by a publisher who is interested in my dystopian science fiction novel (in progress) called Eve of Eridu. Watch this space!

As of March 2018 I write for three online publications.

If you care about the formal things, I have a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Communication) from Monash University, where I specialised in writing. I also have a Master of Teaching from Deakin University. My dream is to travel in a bus, write stories and teach English. Two out of three isn’t bad!

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