Beyond made it to #1!

Yes you read that correctly... 'Beyond: A Short Story Collection' made it to #1 on Amazon Australia! Over the weekend, my first book "Beyond: A Short Story Collection" was available for free on Amazon. Thanks to YOU, downloading it, reading it, sharing it and reviewing it, this little book of twisted tales made it to number... Continue Reading →

Beyond: A Short Story Collection

The future, ghost, aliens, surprising twists, murder, love and more... I was finally brave enough to publish an ebook of short stories. They are all somehow inspired by the word 'Beyond' - Beyond reality, beyond death, beyond earth... you get the picture. Anyway, it's Mother's Day tomorrow, so if you click this link any time on Sunday 13th... Continue Reading →

Book Trailer – Eve of Eridu

When you write a book, you learn more than just how to write a book. So far I've learnt that I procrastinate a LOT and that I drink too many energy drinks. No, really, I've learnt a tonne of things that I never even considered when I first started. Like creating websites, and (my newest... Continue Reading →

Inkling – a FREE eBook

My flash fiction is currently scattered around the web and hidden in word documents that have not yet seen the light. And so I created Inkling.   What is Inkling? An eBook of 100 word stories. Don't have time to read? Everyone has time to read 100 words! (This post is over 100 words). Where... Continue Reading →

Prologue (or not)

In the first draft of my novel, Eve of Eridu, I wrote a prologue which I have since scrapped. I thought I'd pop it up here in case anybody was interested 🙂 And the lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping... Continue Reading →

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