I’m Alanah, and I predominantly write short stories and flash fiction. I have also dabbled in blogging writing tips for The Writing Cooperative.


My stories have won a few awards such as:

  • Avid Readers Flash Fiction Competition – Winner – 22nd Century Jury
  • Birdcatcher Books Short Story Award – Winner – Written in the Stars
  • EJ Brady Short Story Competition – Longlisted – Edge
  • F(r)iction Fall Literary Contest – Finalist – Outside Arcadia
  • Hammond House International Literary Prize – Shortlisted – Transference
  • Lane Cove Literary Awards – Shortlisted – Testimony
  • Needle in the Hay ‘Hate & Coat Award’ – Longlisted – For Tommy
  • Roswell Award – Finalist – The King Experience
  • Sweek Go Explore Competition – Winner – On Monday she Travelled to India
  • Sweekstars 2017 – Thriller & Horror – Nightly Visitor
  • Sweekstars 2017 – Best story under 200 words – Secrets
  • Sweekstars 2017 – Most addictive story – On Monday she Travelled to India

If you care about the formal things, I have a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Communication) from Monash University, where I specialised in writing. I also have a Master of Teaching from Deakin University.

My dream is to travel in a bus, write stories and teach English. Two out of three isn’t bad!

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