Everyone loves freebies, right?

I have two freebie options for you – the no-strings-attached version and the some-strings-attached version.

First, the no-strings-attached freebie. An award-winning short story I wrote, which you can download easily and quickly from smashwords (click below).

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Now onto the some-strings-attached freebie. (They are good strings though, I promise).

I put together an ebook of 100 word stories which my subscribers can download. What happens if you are a subscriber? I email you once a month-ish with musings, writing, news about books I’ve written/read and so on.

I will never give your email address to anyone else and you could always subscribe, download the ebook, and then unsubscribe if you like (but please don’t do that). Click below to claim your free copy of ‘Inkling.’

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