Eve of Eridu (Novel)

Eve of Eridu is a YA dystopian novel which will be published this year. Scroll down to read the blurb and let me know what you think.


The Founders saw that the world was doomed, and the fate of humanity as well. And so they dreamed of a new world, and they called it Eridu.

-Book of Eridu, Year Zero

After the Third War, the Darkness fell – and humanity along with it. But out of the shattered remains rose the city of Eridu, a shining beacon of hope in a broken world.

Living a privileged life in the Capital, Eve feels safe. The afflictions plaguing the people of Before have all been eradicated. There is no conflict, no hunger, no crime, and no idleness. Humanity with Purpose, as the slogans say.

But what secrets lie beneath this apparent perfection?

Gripping and intriguing, Eve of Eridu explores the lengths that humans will go in order to survive.

1 thought on “Eve of Eridu (Novel)

  1. Give me more! I’m hooked


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