The King Experience (Roswell Award)

I wrote this story around six months ago and have been dying to share it with you! It was selected as a finalist for the Roswell Award so I haven’t been able to do this… until now 🙂

A bit about the award – The Roswell Award was created in 2014 to identify, encourage and promote up-and-coming science fiction writing talent among adults worldwide. Entries had to be short (under 1500 words) and the finalists’ stories would be read aloud by celebrity guests.


My story ‘The King Experience’ was read aloud by David Blue from Stargate – pretty exciting!


You can listen to David read my story aloud here (The King Experience starts at 33 mins, but if you have some spare time you can hear all six stories read aloud.)

Happy listening!

PS if you read my book Beyond: A Short Story Collection, I’d really appreciate it if you left a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews help make the book more visible so then other people will be able to find it.

Thanks so much,


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