Cleanaway 3000: The machine that makes your regrets disappear

Two stories, editing jobs, science fiction and more…

Well! It’s nearly the end of term (thank god) and it’s certainly been a busy one. I’m teaching my Year 9 English class about Science Fiction which is really fun. If you want a great, short (5 min) sci-fi film to watch, I really recommend Strange Beasts.

strange beasts.PNG

I’ve also recently completed my editing training for an online company, and can officially call myself an editor – woohoo! I’m hoping to branch out in the future to offer beta reading and editing for short stories & novels on my website. Watch this space.

But here we go… two stories for you :). Let me know what you think!

Cleanaway 3000: The Machine that makes your Regrets Disappear

I was sitting on a riverbank in Walhalla when this story came to mind. What if there was a machine that could erase painful memories? Would you use it?

This story won the Reedsy ‘Troubled Waters’ competition, and you can read it by clicking this link.


22nd Century Jury: A Reverse Story

If you’ve read my book Beyond: A Short Story Collection, then you’ve seen a longer version of this story before. Reverse stories are a lot of fun to write, and this fifty word version won the Avid Reader’s Flash Fiction competition last year.

This little story was also featured on this week – woohoo! I had to laugh at the categories: “Odd,” “Choose Your Interpretation,” “Kind of like a palindrome.” I suppose it is a little uncategorisable! Click here to read this story.

Happy reading!


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