Win an Amazon gift card, preordering Eve of Eridu, and turning 30…

It’s nearly release day!

Hey, hey, lovely readers! It’s the 1st of July which means Eve of Eridu comes out NEXT MONTH *insert hyperventilation.* Aaaand…  I turn 30. Slightly less exciting.

Anyway, just a quick one to let you know what I’ve been up to, and how you can preorder Eve, and potentially score yourself a $25 Amazon gift card.

Copy of Author ads (DIY members) copy (2).jpg

First, some exciting stuff…

My little reverse story ’22nd Century Jury’ was featured on as story of the day, and then it also tied for story of the week! Woohoo!

‘Edge’ was longlisted for the EJ Brady Mallacoota Prize.

And ‘On Monday She Travelled to India’ was picked up by Curiositales and will be published in their magazine later on this month.

And now, the real reason that you are reading this… how can you win a $25 Amazon Gift Card?

1) Head to JOL’s Book Buying Club on Facebook. Like the page.
2) Preorder Eve of Eridu
3) Go to this post and confirm that you preordered it.

That’s it! You will be in the draw. Just remember, that although the preorder is open right up until August 13th, this promotion only goes for the next 24 hours. Good luck 🙂

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