Don’t Call Me Florence


I did something a little different with my writing recently.

I usually just write what I feel like, generally something sci-fi or at least with hints of speculative fiction. But when I heard about this anthology coming out, I wrote with the theme specifically in mind.

An anthology honouring grandparents… I have wonderful grandparents so I wanted to do it justice. But I also didn’t want to stray too far from my usual style, so it’s definitely not all roses (although roses do feature prominently in this story). I haven’t read all of the stories in this anthology yet, but a cursory flick through shows that there are some excellent stories in there! You can click on the image above to check out the listing on Amazon.

About my story: Florence is a stubborn eight-year-old who doesn’t want to stay at her grandad’s house while her parents go away. However, she soon changes her mind. Here’s a teaser:

‘Flozz? It’s time to go.’

Her mother’s voice echoes around the house, bouncing carelessly from one room to the next, up the staircase, and into the wardrobe where Flozz is hiding.

‘Flozz? Where are you?’

There is the sound of footsteps on the stairs, thumping loudly with irritation. A moment later, the clothes shielding Flozz from the world are parted and replaced by her mother’s frowning face.

‘Florence Rogers, stop playing games. We need to leave. Now.’

The final syllable is delivered with such finality that most eight-year-olds would have leapt out of the wardrobe, hurriedly voicing their apologies. But not Flozz. Instead, her eyes narrow, and her bottom lip juts out.

‘Don’t call me Florence. And I’m not going.’


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