Zonal Horizons

Don't Call me FlorenceTechnically this happened yesterday but…

I’m really excited to share that my story has been published in a collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories called ‘Zonal Horizons.’

At the moment it is only available in paperback through Lulu, but it should also be on Amazon in a couple of weeks. The blurb makes me very excited to read it, so I’m going to share it here…

CLEANAWAY 3000: Can you erase your past? The new ‘Cleanaway 3000’ machine promises to make your regrets disappear, but at a cost.

THE KAR’REYIL STONE: Spider demons. A tortured hero. Can Drenyk lead mankind to reign over the Voras Rike?

INTERSTELLAR BROADCASST: On the Colorado plains, the first radio signal from intelligent extraterrestrial life is detected.

THE NOT-SO-HUMAN SOUL: A first-hand account of an unexpected scientific discovery with huge ramifications for mankind.

MAGPIE chronicles the struggle between a Spymistress and her protégé.

TIMEO DANAOS: A new species of jellyfish mysteriously washes up dead with the tide.

JUNO: A home assistant who is smart, efficient, responsive … and jealous.

UNPAID CREDIT: Cyborgs have subjugated humanity, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

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